About Pro Farm Manager

Is a virtual simulation/management game: as a player you will create and manage your own virtual farm! You’ve always wanted to be a cereal farmer, goat or livestock breeder? Pro Farm Manager is your game!

Pro Farm Manager is built around 2 major axes :

– Basics features, a perpetual universe, multiplayer and realistic, rich content t inspired from SimAgri

– A 3D world which will give a unique experience and full immersion

The game will be available on PC, on Steam game platform.

The game in depth

Pro Farm Manager is arranged in 4 areas :

  • Buildings
  • Breeding
  • Crops
  • Equipment

In Pro Farm Manager, you have at your disposal a 625 hectares (1500 acres) of land at your disposal, on which to create and expand a fantastic farm. Each new game comes with its own unique features (landscaping, vegetation, rivers, and soil composition); you develop it according to your wants, needs and strategic goals. You choose where to place your buildings, build roads, locate your plots, and so on…


Buildings are the bedrocks of your farm as they enable you to store your products, raise the livestock and shelter the equipment. Two types of buildings exist :

  • One for breeding
  • One for storage

For each building, you can choose between 3 sizes as well as different levels of equipment which will help you save in electricity for example. Maintaining them on a regular basis will avoid their deterioration.


You can choose among several types of animals to raise (several breeds per type) :

  • Cattle
  • Pig
  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Poultry

You job is to feed/water the animals, add litter, remove the manure, all for their happiness and well-being. And also to avoid disease, or worse, deaths. In return, they will give you milk, eggs, as well as meat when you’re selling them to the slaughterhouse.

Thanks to genetics and reproduction, you can expand your herds, improve animal’s genes and quality, enter contests and win prices (multiplayer mode).


Create your plots, grow and harvest them to feed your animals. No animals? Not a problem, sell your production directly to the cooperative, or to another player (multiplayer mode). How about storing it and selling it later when the market prices are higher?

A good harvest means planting with the right season, and using adequate farm equipments to work your land. You’ll also have to deal with weather conditions (sunshine, rainfall, various temperatures…), and to be reactive if your crops become diseased. Your success will depend on you’re making the right decisions at the right time.


We have come a long way since farming by hand, or using horses and oxen. The mechanization of farming is a must in the modern world. Access a selection of more than 30 different types of equipment, with more than a 100 accurate 3D models, which you can customise (colours, accessories) to your preference. You choose the equipment according to your needs; if the investment is too heavy, you can always buy second-hand or buy with other players (using farm grouping).

With this equipment, you’ll be able to work effectively on your plots of land, and grow your livestock. Select one, choose an action, and intuitively manage all your work in your virtual farm!

2 game mode

Multiplayer (internet connection is required) :

You play in a perpetual world (i.e., the world keeps existing, whether all players are connected or not). In this game mode, 1 day is 6 hours – real time (time runs 4 times faster in-game). In this way, a month in the game is 28 virtual days (7 days – real time): it starts on Monday (at 0:00 am) and ends on Sunday (at midnight).

Single player :

You play on your own, the world is not perpetual (time stops whenever you save and quit the game). You can fast forward time.

Choose the mode that suits you best, but keep in mind you can create several games for each mode. You have hours of gameplay to look forward to!

In short

  • The combination of realistic environmental simulations and in-depth management of farming strategies.
  • Life-like animations for various animals, farming equipment and the environment.
  • The ability to develop a unique farm every time you play, choose to settle in many different regions in more than 5 countries.
  • A personal playing space of more than 500 hectares to construct buildings, develop cultures, care for animals, and use farming equipment.
  • Nearly 100 life-like 3D models of agricultural equipment, 5 animal species (cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry) to produce eggs, milk and meat, as well as 15 different cultures to place on your customizable plots.
  • A novel genetic system, each animal has its own characteristics (Health, Reproduction, Age, and Weight).
  • A single player mode as well as a massively multiplayer experience, with many social interactions, a dynamic market…
  • …and much more!


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