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You’ve always dreamt about becoming a farmer? Explore different countries and surroundings, discover a world in 3D for a full immersion and a unique game experience. Build, grow, manage and become a virtual competent and reknown farmer.


This pack includes an activation key for Pro Farm ManagerEarly access” version and “finale version” of the game when available. Game to be downloaded form STEAM platform.

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Create your farm from top to bottom ! Build, grow, manage and become a virtual competent and reknown farmer.

Explore wild territories, create and develop a fantastic agricultural land. Each new game comes with its own unique features (landscaping, vegetation, rivers, and soil composition); you develop it according to your wants, needs and strategic goals. You choose where to place your buildings, build roads, locate your plots, and so on…

Raise one or several animal species (several breeds per type) :

  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Poultry

You job is to feed/water the animals, add litter, remove the manure, all for their happiness and well-being. And also to avoid disease, or worse, deaths. In return, they will give you milk, eggs, as well as meat when you’re selling them to the slaughterhouse. Thanks to genetics and reproduction, you can expand your herds and improve animal’s genes and quality.

Create your plots, grow and harvest them to feed your animals. No animals? Not a problem, sell your production directly to the cooperative, or to another player (multiplayer mode). How about storing it and selling it later when the market prices are higher? A good harvest means planting with the right season, and using adequate farm equipments to work your land. You’ll also have to deal with weather conditions (sunshine, rainfall, various temperatures…), and to be reactive if your crops become diseased. Your success will depend on you’re making the right decisions at the right time.

Access a selection of more than 30 different types of equipment, with more than a 100 accurate 3D models, which you can customise (colours, accessories) to your preference. You choose the equipment according to your needs; if the investment is too heavy, you can always buy second-hand or buy with other players (using farm grouping). With this equipment, you’ll be able to work effectively on your plots of land, and grow your livestock. Select one, choose an action, and intuitively manage all your work in your virtual farm!

Game mode :

Single player :

You play on your own, the world is not perpetual (time stops whenever you save and quit the game). You can fast forward time.

In short :

  • The combination of realistic environmental simulations and in-depth management of farming strategies.
  • Life-like animations for various animals, farming equipment and the environment.
  • The ability to develop a unique farm every time you play, choose to settle in many different regions in more than 5 countries.
  • A personal playing space of more than 600 hectares to construct buildings, develop cultures, care for animals, and use farming equipment.
  • Nearly 100 life-like 3D models of agricultural equipment.
  • 5 animal species (cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry) to produce eggs, milk and meat.
  • 15 differents cultures to place on your customizable plots.
  • A novel genetic system, each animal has its own characteristics (Health, Reproduction, Age, and Weight).

The Early Access Pack includes :

  • Building/Destroying buildings, roads and lands
  • Managing Action Points
  • Cooperative (purchasing and selling to a computer system, currency system)
  • Managing vehicules (moving, hitching/removing material, farm working)
  • Simulating crops growing (working the land, crop cycles, rainfall and sunshine amount)
  • Animals caring (buying/selling, feeding and watering, milking, egg collect…)
  • Human ressources
  • Bank management
  • Agricultural engineeringWeather influence (temperature, rain, sunshine, snow, wind, mist)
  • Day and night cycle
  • Save a game

Warning :

Early Access pack grants you discovering the game and sharing with PFM team your suggestions and ideas about content. Though development has been processed for months already, we trust on your feedback to help us update and optimise the game so it fits your expectations. Early Access version will be available as long as needed for debugging and optimizing the current version, as well as adding planned features to the final version.

Work in progress (not available in Early Access version) :

The final version of the game gives access to extra options with english version of the game (95% currently), as well as Multiplayers mode.

In the Multiplayers mode, you have access to :

  • Play in a perpetual world (e.g., the world keeps existing, whether all players are connected or not). In that game mode, 1 day is 6 hours – real time (time runs a 4 times faster). In that way, a month in the game is 28 virtual days (7 days – real time): it starts on Monday (at 0:00 am) to end on Sunday (at midnight).
  • Buying/selling farm equipment, livestock, goods among players (vs. computer)
  • Buying farm equipment with others players (group purchasing)
  • Challenge other players in genetic competitions with your top animals
  • Exchange with other players through the mailbox

The Early Access Pack includes access key to the final version game (no need to buy again).


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